Friday, 30 September 2016

◊ Winner of Reader’ Choice, “Best Assisted Living in Fond du Lac, County” for the past 6 years!

Touchstone Living Centers Stone SignAs concern for the elderly becomes a place of prominence in our society, we expect more of the services we choose. We have new hopes for our parents and grandparents. We want life for our elders, not just custodial care.
We at Touchstone believe that the more residents enjoy their lives, the healthier they feel. The residents who live at Touchstone are offered a unique combination of stimulating recreational activities, a pleasant living environment, supportive assisted living, and most important, warm human relationships.

Given the individual needs of our residents, this combination is a delicate and ever changing. For some it must emphasize creativity, independence, and social participation. For others…quiet, rest and the preservation of dignity and self-respect.

At Touchstone, families can feel confident that their loved one is living in a healthy and secure environment. A place where they can enjoy life and you can feel good about your decision.

“A decision you can feel good about”